Haikyuu!! Season 2 Episode 18

Haikyuu!! Season 2 Episode 18

Haikyuu!! Season 2 Episode 18.
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You are watching Haikyuu!! Season 2 Episode 18.
Season 2 Episode 18 of the TV Anime Series Haikyuu!!



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22 thoughts on “Haikyuu!! Season 2 Episode 18”

  1. Now we gotta wait for another week…
    Nope, it’s not okay. Not at all. After what this ep did to me I cannot sit still darn it.

  2. Aiyaaah! This was a very thrilling episode! My morning is complete ***~(=u=)~ Everyone evolved soo much I find myself squealing with every special moves. xD

  3. I don’t wanna wait another week TvT , why can’t they just release it all at once? *sobs*
    Date Tech is obviously gonna lose , since they’ll need to fight oikawa , right? Ughh what sucks is that in the next episode half will be about this much and at the end the fight between Karasuno (And what im guessing Seijou) is gonna start… Ughh ;-;

  4. It bothers me that every opponent of Karasuno’s is so obsessed with beating Hinata. At the beginning of the show, everyone kept insisting that volleyball is a team sport, but the further it goes, the less other team members are relevant.

    • But it’s mostly like that. The most uniq one is the one that would get to be the target to grow. Like in Aoba its Oikawa after him Iwaizumi. And just look at Ushijimia, did you hear anything about the other team members of him? No of course not, everyone has him as the main targeet, that doesn’t mean that the others are unimportant just not the main focus. And its not only Hinata but the others get credit too like Kageyama or like this and the last match that complimented Daiichi

      • Well, of course, but the other guys in Aoba and Shiratorizawa are openly irrelevant, since they’re practically nameless. On the other way, in Karasuno, Daichi is the captain, Asahi is the ace, Nishinoya has been awarded best libero, but I don’t honestly see the point in that when Hinata’s all anyone talks about. It’s a bit annoying because I’m really interested in other players and I think they deserve more credit. But that’s just my opinion, sorry if it offends you.

          • Its not really a choice to see it that way when Kageyama has already stated that he is the decoy. It is literally his job to be the target. We’ve had so much growth from everyone else in the team this season, so I don’t really get why you’re complaining. Of course Hinata and Kageyama are gonna be the main focus, since they’re the main characters – the show is literally about Hinata’s dream to become the next little giant??? Don’t really get why you’re complaining tbh, the rest of the characters seem so much more important this season. Of course that’s just my opinion and you can have yours but I just don’t think yours is right.

          • You didn’t understand my point at all, and I don’t waste time on people who disrespect opinions different from their own.

    • it’s a given each opponent’s attention will be with the most potential and likely the threat to them.. but to say that the other team members are less relevant.. prev episode and this focused on ennoshita and yamaguchi’s growth (or at least half of the main character)..even during the training camp saltyshima’s growth started building up (and will continue in the game between shiratorizawa) there are more chances too for rest of the team in the next 2 games they have… also imo,they’re building up each individual slowly for the spring tournament after all they’re still working their team play..

      • Of course other team members are evolving, but no one gives a damn about them. At first, Kageyama kept pointing out that Hinata is extremely bad, but then he because incredible overnight and none of the opponents care about other team members. xD Well, excluding Oikawa, who has his eyes set on beating Kageyama. Then that training camp when Hinata and Kageyama had to retake the test, the entire Karasuno were losing pathetically until Hinata and Kageyama showed up. It bothers me a bit, since I enjoy the growth of other characters too, but once the game starts, they become irrelevant.

    • Hinata is obviously the main character. It is also because he is supposed to be the flashy player who draws in everyone’s attention as the “decoy”. That’s his role. Because most members and their skills have already been established and Hinata is the first-year with all this potential and flashy move who can combo “quick attack” everyone looks as him to be torn down. He’s seen as the reason Karasuno is again succeeding. Hinata is the decoy, he’s supposed to overshadow everyone else’s abilities and skills.

      • Hinata is a main character, but not ‘the’ main character. If you read the manga and even parts of the anime, Kageyama is just as big a character as Hinata.

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