Haikyuu!! Season 2 Episode 20

Haikyuu!! Season 2 Episode 20

Haikyuu!! Season 2 Episode 20.
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You are watching Haikyuu!! Season 2 Episode 20.
Season 2 Episode 20 of the TV Anime Series Haikyuu!!



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32 thoughts on “Haikyuu!! Season 2 Episode 20”

  1. that moment when the opposing team is like “mmm” and you just know they figured out how to destroy Karasuna and ur like hell no!

    • i hate to say this but i dont want to leave you thinking about your question.. because he’ll suppose to watch in finals. Karasuno VS.Shiratorizawa

    • He may look like it, and its a huge fan theory, but hes not unfortunately. Sorry to bust any bubbles but it just wouldn’t match up. Here why. Example one: Takeda has no experience in volleyball. Even though it could be that he was feigning ignorance, why would he? He has no reason to hide his identity. Example two: Saeko, Tanaka’s sister, knew him back in highschool. If you have seen episode 4 of Haikyuu Season 2 or have read the manga (heck, the opening song revealed them drinking beer), then she should have recognized him, but she didn’t. Example three: Tsukishima’s brother, Akiteru, played on the same team as Little Giant, him being on the higher year as Little Giant. Akiteru is 22, so that would mean Little Giant is currently 21. Takeda, being 29 years old, means he’s right ahead of Little Giant, making your theories go down the drain. So that theory about him being Takeda’s brother might be the probable answer…but we never know. That being said why would Takeda hid the fact the little giant is his brother? Especially when Hinata brings him up several times. I would brag about it constantly. Lastly Takeda has brown eyes, unlike the Like Giant who has dark blue or gray eyes. (example as seen below.) While it would be splendid if Takeda was the Little Giant, it can not be so.

  2. Man, I’m having some Deja Vu here. Last year during volleyball season, we won all our games. Except the last one. Which really reminds me of Karasuno because they were devastated when they lost to Aoba. We were devastated as well. We had high hopes we might’ve win. This year, we won all our games. We were crowned Champions. This year I cried tears of joy. We improved so much, our determination is what led us to becoming undefeated. It’s funny how one victory can make you feel empowered and inspire you to keep going on.

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