Haikyuu!! Season 3 Episode 2

Haikyuu!! Season 3 Episode 2

Haikyuu!! Season 3 Episode 02.
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You are watching Haikyuu!! Season 3 Episode 02.
Season 3 Episode 02 of the TV Anime Series Haikyuu!!



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113 thoughts on “Haikyuu!! Season 3 Episode 2”

  1. Ive been crying since July for the new season. IM SO HAPPY!!! AND I CANT WAIT FOR EPISODE 2 LIKE FOR REAL!!!

  2. I Don’t know what to do for 4 days..!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!
    I can’t wait !!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

  3. OML I THOUGHT 2ND EP WOULD BE OUT ON THURSDAY BUT I HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER 17 HRS. AND IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW ARE THEY GOing to the voice actor of the coach?.. cuz he died. 🙁

  4. Iwaizumi was laboring to breathe, hands shaking like he was stuck in freezing temperatures. If he was capable of slowing down he felt like tears might even cling to the sides of his eyes with the effort of holding back. It wasn’t almost painful anymore. It was painful. It was overwhelming heat and uncanny pressure under his skin. The tension in his muscles made it feel like he could tear apart concrete. He wanted to tear apart concrete. He wanted to shatter the mirror, kick down the stalls, rip the counter from the tiled walls. He wanted to make it look like a hurricane had ripped through here and he wanted to fuck Oikawa in the middle of the destruction.

    when a paragraph from ur fanfic describes how much you wanna fuck a certain anime character

  5. Guy you know that this will finish like a week ish before Christmas if this gets really good I’ma wait and watch it all on christmass

  6. Suga-momma’s really playing the part of the team’s mum, him getting angry made me feel some type of way *fans face*. He needs more screen time.

  7. They’re gonna lose they’re gonna lose they’re gonna lose but I want them to win but they’re deffo gonna lose i mean dID YOU SEE HOW THE BALL SHOT UP WHEN NISHINOYA RECIEVED? IT WAS LIKE A BLOODY MISSILE AND THEN WE HAVE TENDOU STOPPING HINATA’S QUICK LIKE IT’S NOTHING? Lord my heart can’t handle this…

  8. They just deleted my comment.
    Uhhh guys seriously y’all exaggerating
    ITS ONLY expected u will find spoilers
    Do u think u will find unicorns & trolls instead

  9. Who do u think would win tho excluding spoilers like i mean simply guess
    ⬆️ for karasuno
    ⬇️For shiratarykfhxbsnsn whatever their name is

    • Probably karasuno will win. And not because I think they are better, but because of the third years having more play time and maybe getting a play against those cat people nekoma. Kuroo anted to give the old guy a final Nekoma vs Karasuno fight before so yeah…

    • If you like baseball, you should try. I’ve really liked it (even though I haven’t seen any baseball play or haven’t known any rules). ^__^
      But if you want something like “Haikyuu!!” (a story about a whole team), “Major” would not be the best choice, because it’s about Goro. In this case you should try manga “Daiya no Ace” or “Eyeshield21” (I don’t know about an anime versions, but manga for both series are great).
      But, as I said previously, I’ve liked “Major”.

  10. I was expecting to see Little Giant come to see their finals -.- and what happened to that book of notes they had prepared on Shiratorizawa’s players? It’s like they don’t even know if he was left handed, that felt weird!

  11. 2:44 → Best scene ever.

    Sugawara Kôshi « Calm Down ! There’s no time to self-destruct. What the hell are you so nervous about ? The Tv’s crew ?! . Quit messing around ! »

    He’s my favourite, I love him so much ♥

  12. This is what makes me a little mad. For the first point in the second set, Karasuno made that point, but the animators put it under Shiratorizawa instead. At 20:08 for proof

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