Haikyuu!! Season 3 Episode 7

Haikyuu!! Season 3 Episode 7

Haikyuu!! Season 3 Episode 07.
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You are watching Haikyuu!! Season 3 Episode 07.
Season 3 Episode 07 of the TV Anime Series Haikyuu!!



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64 thoughts on “Haikyuu!! Season 3 Episode 7”

  1. Darn, came a day and 15 hours too early xD I love this series so much! its such a good anime and one of the best out there. It brings a sense of thrill and excitement to it and with each episode it leaves you wanting more its just that good

      • I’m sorry, don’t get me wrong, I watched Kuroko and i loved it up until they started to show exaggerated moves (vanishing drive, phantom shot, etc.) no offense to Kuroko fans. Though i still watched it till the end. It was a nice anime though but nothing compared as to how realistic Haikyuu! is. Just my personal Opinion. 🙂 peace out!

        • High schoolers…
          Hitting the ball…
          Faster than the speed of light…
          In which some are getting received even…
          Please explain how that is more realistic than a basketball player who uses his lack of skill and presence, and another players over presence, to escape his enemies visions. All in all both animes are far from realistic.

          • In kuroko no basket all of these pretended “skill and presence” are shown as power.
            I can tell you by playing volleyball for a long time that even if it’s a little bit exaggereted in Haikyuu it’s still posible move, and even for high schoolers. Seriously you can facing some monster under 18 yo in tournament… And yes, all the way of hitting balls in Haikyuu are perfectly possible with training and a lot of motivation.
            I don’t think that being invisible is a realistic move tought.

          • They don’t hit the ball faster than the speed of light, what have you been smoking.
            Kuroko no Basuke is basically Dragon Ball Z with basketball. 100% shoots in from every part of the court, formless bullshit shoots, “God Hands” blocking all, SEEING THE FUCKING FUTURE. Wtf. Haikyuu is realistic, except maybe for the high schoolers’ heights and stamina.

          • haikyuu height is not all that far from the true it way way way way I can go one more realistic than kuroko

  2. we’re waiting it so many hours just to watch this 24 minutes episodes thats alot of love for Haikyuu, thats why we deserve season 4!!! hahahaha

  3. Ooooh Sh*t, this episode was amazing. *-* !!SPOILER!!(?) But I’m so sorry for Tsukki, i hope he will be alright T_T !!SPOILER!! I can’t wait to another 7 days, i want to watch the next episode now T_T Karasuno fighting!^^

  4. I don’t know if it’s a translation or anime MISTAKE but Shiratorizawa was given point not because “the ball hit the line just a little bit” and it wasn’t an “out”, but because the ball had touched Tsukushima’s fingers. And about that touch coach Ukai is speaking.
    In short, everybody thought Ushiwaka had escaped block, Daichi try to receive but it was an “out”. But the ball had touched Tsukushima’s fingers (I’m surprised, because in the anime you can see it clearly), and referee noticed that.
    Otherwise, if the ball had touched block and landed at the “out”, it couldn’t be a Karasuno’s point, it defenitelly would be Shiratorizawa’s one (without referee’s change of mind).

      • No, they know, what’s going on, because they are volleyball players and they know referee’s hand signals (that’s why they can explain to girls referee’s decisions even so they are too far from a court).
        And the referee clearly shown a signal “Ball touched”. For details see at Youtube a video “2014-2015 NFHS Volleyball Signals for Referee (R1) produced by ZONI”, signal 10 “Ball touched” (~5:52).

    • probably not, i’m assuming episode 9 since the entire season is focussed on this game
      they’ll probably stretch it out quit a bit.

  5. Wow it was so touching to finally see Suga san playing that I almost cried.
    Tsukki chan hurt his hand and won’t be there to block until the end, it is so unfair.
    It was kind of new to see Ushijima getting excited. And he and Satori was so damn cute when they were young >,<

  6. I tend to be like a mix of Tsukishima & Tendo in soccer, according to my two friends sitting beside me. Although, by watching these characters, I can’t really tell if it’s a good thing or not!!! (Either way, my team always wins win my provoking and smart mouth… GO ME!)

  7. What’s up with Satori Tendo? I feel sad for him, but at the same time, he seems to have become even more unfeeling than before!

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